The Guardian of the Threshold

One of the biggest problems with modern political entities is the question of cybernetics, or “the helmsmen” : who watches the Watchers? Who guards the guardians? This problem is not very effectively answered today; if there was a famine in the year 1200, you knew where the nobleman who was … Continue reading

Fears of What May Be, Erring Popes & Councils

Extra Ecclesiam non est salus – without (outside) the Church there is no salvation. This was the motto of the Christian Church during the Medieval Era, and (supposedly) that which is objectionable in the Church today – the neo-pagans argue that the Church assimilated and reduced what it could not … Continue reading

Development of Feeling

Development of Mind⇐ Previous  —— Next ⇒ The Law of Development By “feeling”, Vladimir Solovyov is not referring to subjective and personal impressions, but rather to the higher feeling centre, insofar as it is objective and leads to creation. Again, these feelings are manifested in the material, formal, and absolute levels. … Continue reading

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