Ideas and Occult History

One of the problems philosophers have long debated concerns the ontological status of the Platonic world of ideas. Aristotle proposed a solution that is fruitful as far as it goes, although it does not go far enough. His solution was that the idea is immanent in the object, a doctrine … Continue reading

Catching our Breath

The fool does more harm by his ignorance than the wicked man by his wickedness. ~ Al-Ghazali It is time for a recap what has been accomplished thus far in our project to determine the lineament of the Western Tradition, which we claim is as real and as important as … Continue reading

The Spiritual Regeneration of the World

Cologero asked me to provide the letter of explanation, despite my reluctance and against my better judgment. I detest any public persona as my work is better accomplished on a different plane of existence. Nevertheless, I am the ultimate authority for Gornahoor, which he operates at my pleasure. Thus, the … Continue reading

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