Hermetism and Esoteric Christianity Rise to Converge

Gornahoor has conducted a number of thought exercises, designed to aid the aspirant in “mental fasting”, a discipline of dropping old thoughts and thought-patterns or memes (compulsions). These exercises involve recovering a sense of Self that is already there, or (as it was put), laying aside the chain-mail of discursive … Continue reading

Fight over Origins

Julius Evola opens the chapter The Arctic Myth from Il mito del sangue by describing the state of prehistoric research: Oswald Menghin, rector of the University of Vienna, wrote these characteristic words, “More than any other discipline, the science of prehistory is being brought back, and still more must be … Continue reading

Burn Notice

One of the more interesting American television shows is Burn Notice. Michael Westen is a spy who receives a “burn notice”, that is, he is excommunicated, in the original sense of the world, from his spiritual community without explanation. He is thrown into the world and left without any identity, … Continue reading

Order and the Soul

Picking up on the theme of Order and Chaos from the previous post, I thought it might be of interest to explicate Plato’s concept of an ordered soul in The Republic. For Plato, the soul (psyche) is composed of three main faculties – the epithumetikon, the thumoeides, and the logistikon. … Continue reading

NeoPlatonism & Orthodoxy

An Eastern Orthodox response to Protestant critique reveals some very interesting facts about the tradition. First of all, it considered itself to build upon classical tradition: Towards late antiquity, two words were in philosophical use which meant substance or substantive being. As Aristotle put it, being can be said in … Continue reading

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