Through the Illusion, into the Dream

  Gornahoor has been emphasizing the ancient ideal of polis over against the modern  cosmopolitanism and egalitarianism. One might note that democracy is a code word; it certainly doesn’t stand for government of the people for the people – just ask the patriotic, conservative British Jew Glasman what happens when … Continue reading

Further Misunderstandings of the Pagan Worldview

Evola continues his critique by pointing out that the goal should be to transcend Christianity by integrating it into something more comprehensive that incorporates the essential elements of the genuine antique paganism. This is actually analogous to the Catholic position as described by Fr. Heinrich Denifle: The Catholic Church is … Continue reading

Creative and Heroic Action

I have recently been asked why we are so “one-sided”. Such a thought can arise only in a mind conditioned to think on a single plane, thus interpreting everything polemically, in the manner of a teeter-totter. The Traditional mind, on the other hand, thinks in terms of “transcendence”, which Evola … Continue reading

Lack of Interest

Due to lack of interest further translations of Sintesi are suspended. Tony has completed two more sections. The first of these will be sent to the Mailing List on Monday at 12:01 AM GMT-4, and the next on the following Monday. At that time we will evaluate the utility — … Continue reading

Neopaganism and Naturalism

⇐ Previous section Next section ⇒ Keeping all this in mind, we come today to discover a peculiar paradox: to wit, such a paganism never even existed but was constructed by Christian apologetics. Yet some “pagan” and anti-Christian movements of racism and extreme nationalism very frequently accept it, thus threatening … Continue reading

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