A Way Out, Further In

One of Evola’s most prescient suggestions is that the modern aspirant towards transcendence should “ride the tiger” – the individual (or the person, but not the personality) should use the negative energies of the modern world to advance himself, until they are exhausted, for opposing them directly would invite destruction. … Continue reading

Europe’s Spirit in the North

Gornahoor has deliberately underscored the “Russian connection” for traditionalism in the previous century (and before). As if to emphasize such a connection explicity “Romane”, the reception of Evola via Samizdat circles in the Soviet era demonstrates the resonance virtually all of his ideas had with the ideas of those in … Continue reading

To Be Considered a Man

For those young men who know too much, too soon. Lest anyone wake up in the morning with the belief that only he understands the world, we bring you this clip from Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498). This is what he learned as a young man from his time at the University … Continue reading

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