Christmas and the Winter Solstice

In ‘Roma e il natale solare nella tradizione nordico-aria’ (La Difesa della razza, 1940), Evola writes: Very few suspect that the holidays [i.e., Catholic holy days] of today, in the century of skyscrapers, radio, great movements of the masses, are celebrated and continue … a remote tradition, bringing us back … Continue reading

From Egypt to Eire

… there is a short but intriguing list of facts that link the ascetics of Egypt and the western fringe of Europe. For example, an early Irish litany makes an enigmatic reference to the “seven monks of Egypt”… An Irish-born monastic, writing in the late seventh century, show a remarkable … Continue reading

An Introduction to Guido de Giorgio

Guido Lupo Maria De Giorgio, pseudonym “Havismat” (San Lupo, October 3 1890 – Mondovi, December 27, 1957) was an esoterist and Italian writer. After graduating with a degree in philosophy, he went to Tunisia where he worked as a teacher of Italian. There, he came into contact with Islamic esoterism … Continue reading

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