Make mine Nicoise

We find it curious that one often finds two contrary points of view coexisting in the same type of person. On the one hand, this person wants everything natural in her foodstuffs while eschewing anything that smacks of technology. Hence, she wants her nutrition natural: “organic” vegetables, grass-fed beef, and … Continue reading

Land of the Twice-born

Man has to love the past in order to remember it. ~ Valentin Tomberg Those who see in Gornahoor nothing but an apology for New Age occultism are severely in error. While there are many claiming to expose alleged secret conspiracies, they offer nothing positive. Gornahoor, on the other hand, … Continue reading

Metaphysical Positivism

We, on the contrary—basing ourselves on a tradition much more ancient and real than the one which can be claimed by the “faith” of Western man, on a tradition which is not proved by doctrines, but by deeds and acts of power and clairvoyance—affirm instead the possibility and the concrete … Continue reading

Law of Unintended Consequences

It has been wearisome lately, hearing all the praise heaped upon politicians as “intelligent” and “visionary” because of their grandiose programs to make the populace healthy, wealthy, and wise. Their reputations are based solely on intention, never on actual performance. Anyone who opposes such programs are denigrated as “obstructionists” and … Continue reading

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