The Subtle Rules the Dense

Magic, that is, the art of causing change in conformance with one’s will, depends on the principle of the supremacy of the subtle over the dense. In particular, this means the supremacy of Force over matter Consciousness over force Superconsciousness over consciousness The Unmoved Mover, the Absolute Self — transcendent, … Continue reading


Note: This originally was part of the notes for an open class in non-duality, given in the summer of 2005. One of the signs of the Kali Yuga is the displacement of Quality by Quantity. This is so pervasive that we may find it difficult to see the distinction between … Continue reading

Intelligibility, Ideology and Occult Scientific Theories

When science changed its methodology from the description of phenomena, to the search for occult causes, it then made its three most significant discoveries of modern times. These are Nuclear/Subnuclear Energy in Physics, Evolution in Biology, and the Unconscious in Psychology. What they have in common is that the cause … Continue reading

Science at a Standstill

Science seems to be at a standstill after centuries of revolutionary developments. Physics is stuck with incompatible theories – Relativity and Quantum Mechanics – and remains far from a unified theory. Biology is no closer than Darwin to explaining the origins of life and the actual mechanics of the evolution … Continue reading

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