Just ask Why?

In Episode #6, titled “The General” of the Prisoner, there is a scene at an art class where the instructor is teaching creativity. Number 6 asks about the odd activities of three of the students. One of the students is assiduously tearing out the pages of a book. The instructor … Continue reading

The Degrees of Knowledge

The Degrees of Knowledge Degree   Object Form Doxa Opinion Phenomena Concept Dianoia Rational Knowledge Thought Idea Episteme Intuitive Knowledge Noumena Ideal Tradition teaches that there are three degrees of knowledge: Doxa (opinion): our knowledge of the sensory or phenomenal world Dianoia (rational knowledge): knowledge based on thinking and logical … Continue reading

The Way Back

Il cattolicismo è veramente la religion più perfetta, come la filosofia europea moderna è la più perfetta filosofia: sono insieme le più alte creazioni dello spirit ariano. (Catholicism is truly the more perfect religion, just as modern European philosophy is the most perfect philosophy: together, they are the highest creations … Continue reading

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