Evola on Will

In The Individual and the Becoming of the World, Evola devotes himself to the question of the Will. While acknowledging the influence of Nietzsche on his thought, Evola nevertheless rejects Nietzsche’s naturalism and reintroduces the supernatural element. He does this by bringing back Schopenhauer’s second foundation of the world, the … Continue reading

Schopenhauer on the Will

Schopenhauer recognized that space, time, and causality are required for any experience and understanding of the natural world, or the world of phenomena. Knowledge, then, consists in understanding the sufficient reason for things, that is, the causal relationships between them. He also recognized, following Kant, that the phenomenal world is … Continue reading

The Art of Controversy

What is required is not the courage of one’s convictions, but rather the courage for an attack upon one’s convictions. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche Although discussions of deep and compicated issues are difficult in person, they are especially problematic on the Internet. There is the tendency to excessive polemics, which manifests … Continue reading

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