The Test

Although Evola always writes in a discursive style, he advises us that it is only the rishis, the seers, the clairvoyants who can fully understand. In many ways, Miguel Serrano picks up on many of Evola’s themes, though from the perspective of a clairvoyant rather than a metaphysician. In the … Continue reading

Men and Ideas

The intrinsic value of an idea and a system must be judged in itself, apart from everything that enters into the world of contingencies. From a practical and historical point of view, however, what is decisive is the quality of the men who make themselves the promoters and defenders of … Continue reading

Cosmic Dignity

This is a brief outline and summary of the first part of “The Individual and the Becoming of the World“. Although its point can not be made by means of a logical argument, perhaps a logical argument can lead one to see the point. Quest for certainty involves direct intuition … Continue reading

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