Freedom and Destiny

Multiple Selves We saw from Valdimir Solovyov’s description that, in the second moment or positing, the divine Unity is objectified as multiplicity. Specifically, multiple selves arise out of the void. So what was in the divine mind as undifferentiated possibilities manifests as differentiated actualities. These are free beings with all … Continue reading

Solovyov on the Knowledge of God

The transcendental unity of religions is true insofar as it pertains to metaphysics. In Lecture 6 of Lectures on Divine Humanity, Vladimir Solovyov shows his agreement with that point even for Christianity. In particular, he writes this about Neoplatonism: It is impossible to deny the connection between Philo’s doctrine and … Continue reading

Fears of What May Be, Erring Popes & Councils

Extra Ecclesiam non est salus – without (outside) the Church there is no salvation. This was the motto of the Christian Church during the Medieval Era, and (supposedly) that which is objectionable in the Church today – the neo-pagans argue that the Church assimilated and reduced what it could not … Continue reading

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