Letter from Guenon to AKC 24VI1935

In 1935, Rene Guenon and Ananda Coomaraswamy began a correspondence that lasted 12 years. This letter shows their common mind, although their respective intellectual paths were quite different. An important point he makes regards the relationship between historical events and metaphysical principles; neither necessarily excludes the other. He also mentions … Continue reading

Letters from Guenon to Guido de Giorgio (V)

In this letter from Rene Guenon to Guido de Giorgio, we learn: Guenon was ignorant of Buddhism, specifically Vajrayana. Initiation is connected to the Kali Yuga. Dante‘s symbolism is equivalent to Eastern symbolism. This explains some observations: Westerners who don’t understand Dante are unlikely to understand Eastern religions. Modern scholars … Continue reading

Letters from Guenon to Evola (X)

Guenon explains more about impeccability Guenon expands on the powers of sorcerers and that no one is safe from their spells Guenon offers opinions on Thomas Palamidessi, Carl Jung, Meher Baba, the Golden Dawn, and Aleister Crowley 29 October 1949 Cairo, Egypt I received your letter of 4 September about … Continue reading

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