Esoteric Darwinism

I spent a few hours this week reading some reviews of Mind and Cosmos; I hadn’t realized it was such a widely reviewed work. There are some broad categories of reviews. After briefly describing them, I will offer the esoteric interpretation. Finally, we will explain why Zarathustra was so frustrated. … Continue reading

Darwin and Social Surgery

Man as a physical being is subject to gravity and other laws of physics, not to mention chemical laws. As part of biological life, he is also subject to various biological laws. In particular, this includes the two scientific laws of neo-Darwinism (incorrectly called the “theory of evolution”). Darwin’s insight … Continue reading

Fruit Flies and Evolution

Scientists performed the following experiment with two colonies of fruit flies. The first colony was allowed to breed without interference. In the second, the flies were selectively bred to produce a superior colony, that is, it “evolved”. The interesting thing is that when male flies from the evolved colony were … Continue reading

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