Metaphysical Positivism

We, on the contrary—basing ourselves on a tradition much more ancient and real than the one which can be claimed by the “faith” of Western man, on a tradition which is not proved by doctrines, but by deeds and acts of power and clairvoyance—affirm instead the possibility and the concrete … Continue reading

Remembering the Dead

Note: This translation of Charles Maurras’ “All Soul’s Day” originally appeared in Taki’s Magazine. On All Soul’s Day, we honor the memory of the dead, especially those closest to us in our hearts and mind. Charles Maurras refers to this as “the universal cult of the dead, of all the … Continue reading

Intelligibility, Ideology and Occult Scientific Theories

When science changed its methodology from the description of phenomena, to the search for occult causes, it then made its three most significant discoveries of modern times. These are Nuclear/Subnuclear Energy in Physics, Evolution in Biology, and the Unconscious in Psychology. What they have in common is that the cause … Continue reading

Social Facts and Group Control

Emile Durkheim, following the positivist school of sociology defines the Social Fact as social phenomena having an existence independent of the individuals comprising the social group. As such, it has a coercive effect. A corollary is that the individuals comprising the group can change, while leaving the group behavior intact. … Continue reading

Law of Social Dynamics

Auguste Comte proposed the Law of Social Dynamics where humanity passes necessarily through the three states of theological affirmation, metaphysical critique, and positive science or religion. In point of fact, from a historical perspective, not every society has passed through those three stages; furthermore, Comte has not demonstrated that every … Continue reading

Scientific Clarity and Assurance

Ce que nos pères ont fait par coutume et par sentiment, le poursuivre nous-mêmes avec l’assurance et la netteté scientifiques par raison et par volonté. What our fathers did through custom and feeling, we ourselves pursue it through reason and will, with the assurance and clarity of science. ~ Charles … Continue reading

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