Some Aspects of the Traditional Medical World View: The Demiourgos-Physician

But the more righteous of you, who stand upon the threshold of the change to the diviner state, shall among men be righteous kings, genuine philosophers, founders of states, and lawgivers, and real seers, and true herb-knowers, and prophets of the gods most excellent, skillful musicians, skilled astronomers, and augurs … Continue reading


  Saint Paul teaches in the epistle to the Colossians that all things will be summed up in Christ, who will then deliver the kingdom up to the Father, as He had it from Him from the beginning. Then, will come and be the “end”. This teaching, along with verses … Continue reading

Dreaming the Same Dream

“I don’t remember well, and in fact I know nothing absolutely nothing at all, about the women I have loved.” Papan answered: That simply means that you have never loved. You simply have no idea of love as an absolute concept. Loving is knowing. It is also like a crime … Continue reading

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