The Apples of the Hesperides – Hercules’ Eleventh Labor

We are nearing the end of the Dodekathalon. We have seen how each of the Labors presupposes a certain internal struggle that is foundational to the soul, like a childbirth, since the Western path differs from archaic spirituality (eg., Vedic) in that it seeks to sublimate the material, rather than … Continue reading

Some Aspects of the Traditional Medical World View: The Demiourgos-Physician

But the more righteous of you, who stand upon the threshold of the change to the diviner state, shall among men be righteous kings, genuine philosophers, founders of states, and lawgivers, and real seers, and true herb-knowers, and prophets of the gods most excellent, skillful musicians, skilled astronomers, and augurs … Continue reading

Liturgy and the Logos

A popular refrain I hear from fellow Protestants is that “meaningless rituals”, gestures, “smells and bells”, or vain repetitions (a Scriptural phrase) won’t help find favor with God. While I am certain that ritual can (and does) degenerate into “those of darkness” who are fascinated with the dead (Rene Guenon) … Continue reading

When the King Enjoys His Own Again

When Cromwell presided over the Puritanification (and therefore, the ultimate modernization) of England, the common people were not necessarily fooled as to what the end result would be. For them, it was mainly about the lack of charity and feasting, yet the beginning of the song makes clear that they … Continue reading

Hermetism and Esoteric Christianity Rise to Converge

Gornahoor has conducted a number of thought exercises, designed to aid the aspirant in “mental fasting”, a discipline of dropping old thoughts and thought-patterns or memes (compulsions). These exercises involve recovering a sense of Self that is already there, or (as it was put), laying aside the chain-mail of discursive … Continue reading

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