A Way Out, Further In

One of Evola’s most prescient suggestions is that the modern aspirant towards transcendence should “ride the tiger” – the individual (or the person, but not the personality) should use the negative energies of the modern world to advance himself, until they are exhausted, for opposing them directly would invite destruction. … Continue reading

Modernity and Indigestion

From the notebook of Friedrich Nietzsche, autumn 1887: ‘Modernity‘, using the metaphor of feeding and digestion. Sensibility unutterably more excitable ( – the increase in excitability dressed in moralistic finery as the increase of compassion – ), the abundance of disparate impressions greater than ever before – the cosmopolitanism of … Continue reading

Nietzsche and life-affirming religion

Nietzsche has done as much as anyone in undermining the Traditional spiritual roots of Western man in his division of religion into life-denying as exemplified in Christianity and life-affirming as exemplified in Paganism. The destruction of Christianity has not led to a life-affirming paganism, but rather to a paganism that … Continue reading

Evola on Will

In The Individual and the Becoming of the World, Evola devotes himself to the question of the Will. While acknowledging the influence of Nietzsche on his thought, Evola nevertheless rejects Nietzsche’s naturalism and reintroduces the supernatural element. He does this by bringing back Schopenhauer’s second foundation of the world, the … Continue reading

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