Restoration, Revival, Renaissance

The order of these nouns is deliberate. Secular humanists desire to have the last without either of the first two, particularly and most insistently, the first. Christians are generally unconcerned or even aware of the first, & if it is brought to their attention, they become truculent. The third also … Continue reading

Never the Twain Shall Meet

I chose to write on The Dark Cloud of Unknowing to illustrate something that is true that has been discussed here (that East & West are not divergent in Tradition). The author was an anonymous Englishman during the 14th century; ergo, a quintessential “Western” mystic on an isolated island in … Continue reading

Some Observations Concerning Guenon, Initiation, and Spiritual Exercises

All that exists potentially is advanced to actuality by the agency of something which is actually what the other is potentially: the partially potential by that which is actual in the same partial respect, and the wholly potential by the wholly actual — Proclus, Metaphysical Elements, Proposition 77 Every so … Continue reading

Techniques of Prayer

With the initial disclaimer that (in the Christian religion) one must beware of “over-systematizing” the grace of God into specific techniques, the following is shared for the possible benefit of readers who are interested in esoteric Christianity. Boris Mouravieff claims that there is a collection of “scripts” called the Golden … Continue reading

More Insight into Christian Initiation

  This is a continuation of posts on Clement’s Journal, found (in obscurity) in the Ante Nicene Fathers. Peter has been initiating Clement, so we see the “inner workings” of this process, which really amounts to a sort of personal spiritual apprenticeship, which is governed by affectionate command and proud … Continue reading

The Golden Book & Saint Clement

  Boris Mouravieff, when teaching on polar-beings in Gnosis, references the existence of the Golden Book, an oral (if also incomplete) compilation of Jesus’ teachings to the inner circle of disciples. It is only fair to point out that (like the exoteric-esoteric paradox of Christianity itself), the idea of a … Continue reading

The Wisdom of God

Our interpreter, T. Palamidessi echoes George Heart’s interpretation of Mouravieff: The times require the cooperation of all, and we offer a way which is safe, swift, direct, towards the overcoming of one’s own moral, psychic, spiritual and biological states…Certainly the Catholic Church if it wanted to, without contradicting itself, could … Continue reading

When the King Enjoys His Own Again

When Cromwell presided over the Puritanification (and therefore, the ultimate modernization) of England, the common people were not necessarily fooled as to what the end result would be. For them, it was mainly about the lack of charity and feasting, yet the beginning of the song makes clear that they … Continue reading


  Saint Paul teaches in the epistle to the Colossians that all things will be summed up in Christ, who will then deliver the kingdom up to the Father, as He had it from Him from the beginning. Then, will come and be the “end”. This teaching, along with verses … Continue reading

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