On Job and Suffering

On Job and Suffering There never was, and never will be a place on earth free from sorrows. The only sorrow-less place possible is in the heart, when the Lord is present there. – St Nikon of Optima I. Introduction Job in the Bible is a powerful text. It can … Continue reading

Middle Earth Once More

“By way of such aspects, we see—it is clear—in the Middle Ages an awakening of the true forces already acting in Nordic-Aryan Romanity, of its true solarity, propitiated from such a resurgence or rebirth from a new contribution of Aryan blood…” Gornahoor translating Evola, on Cesaro Indeed, a tremendously sophisticated … Continue reading

Indispensable Spiritual Qualities

Frithjof Schuon concludes the essay Modes of Spiritual Realization with a succinct description of the “qualities that are indispensable for spirituality.” In preparation, he criticizes both moralism and rationalism. Moralism Moralists, or humanitarians, are “indignant over the indifference which the saints — both western and eastern — show towards human … Continue reading

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