The Emperor’s Post

Iamblichus, Hercules, the Meditations of the Tarot, and Mouravieff’s system of numbers can be correlated, with study and practice. I am stopping (for now) at Number Four, the Emperor, and drawing more closely several threads together to illustrate how this is so. Kukai I have mentioned before as a co-inhabitor … Continue reading

If You Like, Esoteric Christianity

  Tomberg criticizes Gurdjieff’s aims in Meditations on the Tarot as being without grace, and aimed at building a resurrection body apart from Initiation-from-above, although he freely admits the possibility of doing such, tacitly. In Ouspensky’s The Fourth Way, we are given a more detailed, in depth treatment of Gurdjieff’s … Continue reading

The Guardian of the Threshold

One of the biggest problems with modern political entities is the question of cybernetics, or “the helmsmen” : who watches the Watchers? Who guards the guardians? This problem is not very effectively answered today; if there was a famine in the year 1200, you knew where the nobleman who was … Continue reading

Fears of What May Be, Erring Popes & Councils

Extra Ecclesiam non est salus – without (outside) the Church there is no salvation. This was the motto of the Christian Church during the Medieval Era, and (supposedly) that which is objectionable in the Church today – the neo-pagans argue that the Church assimilated and reduced what it could not … Continue reading

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