Unanticipated Recap

Nature does not make men equal; souls differ still more than bodies. ~ Antoine Fabre d’Olivet As I’ve been pondering which of two alternative endings to use for Post #1001 – if it ever appears at all – some recent inquiries have prompted this recapitulation before moving on to other … Continue reading

Loving an Earth Girl

⇐ Love is but a DreamThe Little Yellow Pill ⇒ Three heads are better than one, if you get my drift. I didn’t hear from my strange conversation partner for several weeks, though I became obsessed with the ideas he had left me. “A dream in exchange for truth!” he … Continue reading

The Nuns teach him Tantra

“Oh, I see. You were Hugh Hefner of Lhasa.”

“Hardly. We weren’t permitted to derive any pleasure from the practices.”

“I bet it took a lot of practice to overcome all desire.” I was quite skeptical.

“True, we practiced quite diligently. Until …”

“Until what?” He was finally grabbing my attention.
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