Dreaming in the Dog Days

But when the artichoke flowers, and the chirping grasshopper sits in a tree and pours down his shrill song continually from under his wings in the season of wearisome heat, then goats are plumpest and wine sweetest; women are most wanton, but men are feeblest, because Sirius parches head and … Continue reading

On Hermetic Sublimation

In Valentin Tomberg’s discussion of “The Empress”, he quotes Josephin Peladan’s description of magic as “’the sublimation of man’… of human nature”. Thereafter, Tomberg offers a detailed discussion differentiating Sacred Magic, from “personal and arbitrary magic”, the latter which explains became more or less the earmark of Renaissance “ceremonial magic”, … Continue reading

The Rights of Man: Life

Ever since the French Revolution, there has been much discussed about the so-called rights of man. Over time, this discussion has confounded natural rights with civil rights, i.e., the rights accorded by law to a citizen, and goods, such as food, medicine, education, which are the products of human activity. … Continue reading

Some Aspects of the Traditional Medical World View: The Demiourgos-Physician

But the more righteous of you, who stand upon the threshold of the change to the diviner state, shall among men be righteous kings, genuine philosophers, founders of states, and lawgivers, and real seers, and true herb-knowers, and prophets of the gods most excellent, skillful musicians, skilled astronomers, and augurs … Continue reading

Some Observations Concerning Guenon, Initiation, and Spiritual Exercises

All that exists potentially is advanced to actuality by the agency of something which is actually what the other is potentially: the partially potential by that which is actual in the same partial respect, and the wholly potential by the wholly actual — Proclus, Metaphysical Elements, Proposition 77 Every so … Continue reading

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