Restoration, Revival, Renaissance

The order of these nouns is deliberate. Secular humanists desire to have the last without either of the first two, particularly and most insistently, the first. Christians are generally unconcerned or even aware of the first, & if it is brought to their attention, they become truculent. The third also … Continue reading

Mental Death

Gornahoor places the fateful junction of Western intellectual history at Francis Bacon. It was Bacon’s head-on assault against metaphysical knowledge (“useless knowledge” that is not power) which signaled Western intention to abandon the medieval project wholesale. Although at various times and places, other movements had been made, Bacon’s New Atlantis … Continue reading

True North

“It goes without saying, that nobody initiates anybody else, if we understand by initiation the mystery of the Second Birth, the great sacrament, the initiation from above which is operative from above and has the value and duration of eternity. The Initiator is above…” Tomberg This truth is not a … Continue reading

Kind Hearts, & Norman Blood

Gewusst, Erkannt, Geahndet – Schelling What is now called the Christian religion already existed among the ancients, and was not lacking at the very beginnings of the human race. When Christ appeared in the flesh, the true religion already in existence received the name of Christian. ~ Augustine of Hippo … Continue reading

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