Chaos in the Noosphere

Three bodies Shankara, following the teaching of the Vedanta, describes the three bodies that constitute man. Gross body: physical senses Subtle body, or the mind/psyche: emotions, feelings, attractions, aversions, etc Causal body, or the intellect: thoughts, images Together, they make up the phenomenal world, i.e., the world as experienced, or … Continue reading

The Importance of Caste in Traditional Civilization

Tradition is most clearly different from New Age and other neo-spiritualist movements in that it completely rejects any notion of equality in man. Traditional thinkers have repudiated attempts by individuals to use religion to impose this artificial state on people, and they often do this by demonstrating that egalitarianism is … Continue reading

Vedanta and Western Tradition

Lacking nothing, contemplative, immortal, self-originated, sufficed with a quintessence: he who knows that constant, ageless, and ever-youthful Spirit, knows himself and does not fear death. ~ Shankara In his important but little read essay, The Vedanta and Western Tradition, A. K. Coomaraswamy points the way for Europeans to come to … Continue reading

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