Cosmic and Positive Law

With the elections in the USA in full swing, all the talking heads are claiming to be “true conservatives”. The caterwauling means nothing, since they seem to believe, and with passionate intensity, what no previous conservative had ever believed. Unable to think in depth, people can only think in terms … Continue reading

I Sleep, but the Heart is Awake

I sleep, but my heart is awake. ~ Song of Solomon 5:2 Please consider the four states of consciousness mentioned by Bede Griffiths in The Cosmic Mystery. We are accustomed to consider the sleeping, dreaming, and waking states as distinct states of consciousness, which follow each other consecutively. However, most … Continue reading

The Emperor’s Post

Iamblichus, Hercules, the Meditations of the Tarot, and Mouravieff’s system of numbers can be correlated, with study and practice. I am stopping (for now) at Number Four, the Emperor, and drawing more closely several threads together to illustrate how this is so. Kukai I have mentioned before as a co-inhabitor … Continue reading

Man’s Place in Nature

In 1863, T. H. Huxley published Man’s Place in Nature to demonstrate that man is but an animal lacking any higher or transcendent quality. Microcosm and Macrocosm Valentin Tomberg explains that “initiation” properly means “knowledge of the beginning”. This implies that there are actually two initiations: Hermetic Initiation is the … Continue reading

Inner Meaning of Augustinianism

Before we proceed along the Arcana of the Meditations, it might be helpful to point out a link between “gnosis” and the “arcana”. In the very first chapter of his Meditations Tomberg highlights the truth that arcana represent “enzymes” or “ferment” which make the soul fruitful by awakening the deeper, … Continue reading

Freedom and Destiny

Multiple Selves We saw from Valdimir Solovyov’s description that, in the second moment or positing, the divine Unity is objectified as multiplicity. Specifically, multiple selves arise out of the void. So what was in the divine mind as undifferentiated possibilities manifests as differentiated actualities. These are free beings with all … Continue reading

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