La Revolution Devore Ses Enfants

  During the years leading up to 1789, Paris had increasingly become the exclusive city in France, a city-among-cities, with no peer. One of the dynamics behind the destruction of the ancien regime was Paris’ desire to subordinate the legitimate and ancient diversity of the pays (regions) of old France. … Continue reading

The Christian Social Order & Pythagoras

Christopher Ferrara gives a very basic, but nonetheless interesting tour of Western civilization here. I hadn’t heard of Werner Jaeger, but I’ve ordered his three volume set. One sentence really springs to mind: “The State was the atmosphere within which the soul breathed”. This was the common link or identical … Continue reading

The Apples of the Hesperides – Hercules’ Eleventh Labor

We are nearing the end of the Dodekathalon. We have seen how each of the Labors presupposes a certain internal struggle that is foundational to the soul, like a childbirth, since the Western path differs from archaic spirituality (eg., Vedic) in that it seeks to sublimate the material, rather than … Continue reading

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