Esoteric Christianity & the Anti-Christ

Part of the problem with standing in the Western ruins involves clearing away the fog of spiritual war, which is deliberate and has the effect of turning the conflict into a free-for-all, in which chaos and confusion deepen demoralization. Rudolf Steiner’s work is important in any history of esoterism, however, … Continue reading

When the King Enjoys His Own Again

When Cromwell presided over the Puritanification (and therefore, the ultimate modernization) of England, the common people were not necessarily fooled as to what the end result would be. For them, it was mainly about the lack of charity and feasting, yet the beginning of the song makes clear that they … Continue reading

An Interpretation of Genesis

Many Christians assume a strongly “literal” stance upon the first chapter of Genesis. It should go without saying that assuming Genesis 1 to have a perspective like a newspaper is outside of the bounds of any known form of traditionalism, conceivable or not – God did not dictate this to … Continue reading

The Seven Steps of Esoteric Christianity

“What had so often occurred individually within the Mystery schools, far from external events, took place openly within Jesus Christ in outer world history.” – Rudolph Steiner Despite Evola’s condemnation of Steiner as a “hopeless muddle”, a closer look into Christianity can uncover patterns that might make us take Steiner … Continue reading

Two Gnosticisms

Evola remarks in his essay on Steiner that Theosophy is actually a truly counterfeit doctrine. That is, the validity is true insofar as it goes, but the practical effect is actually to blunt the true dogma which it vaguely apprehends. Thus, modern “reincarnation” belief actually tends to inhibit the stark … Continue reading

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