Homage to Giuseppe

News for the Week Principles of negotiation A deal was apparently made between the G6 and Iran over its nuclear program. Anyone who has ever negotiated in good faith understands that a deal will involve concessions on both sides. Those opposed to the deal argue that economic sanctions should have … Continue reading

April Fools Talking Blues

The pope caused a commotion when he washed the feet of heathen women on Maundy Thursday. The Traditionalists were peeved that yet another tradition was transgressed. The liberals, on the other hand, were thrilled. Not because they approved the significance of it all, but rather because they took schadenfreude in … Continue reading

News on President’s Day

Pope Benedict abdicated this week amidst rumours, conspiracy theories, signs, and wonders. There was a lightening strike over Rome that used to indicate that Jupiter was pleased with the Roman High Priest. The near collision with an asteroid and the strange meteor over the Urals also happened this week. The … Continue reading

Publication Schedule

Publication Schedule for the next few months. Sunday TranslationsAfter Evola’s Orientations, we will translate selected texts from Charles Maurras. Monday Selected correspondence by authors of Tradition Tuesday toThursday Thesis: Selected topics on the principles of Tradition. Upcoming: Nietzsche and Tradition, Conditions of Manifestation, Reincarnation and Evolution Friday Christian Hermitism, by … Continue reading

Catching our Breath

The fool does more harm by his ignorance than the wicked man by his wickedness. ~ Al-Ghazali It is time for a recap what has been accomplished thus far in our project to determine the lineament of the Western Tradition, which we claim is as real and as important as … Continue reading

Message from Tony

As an adjunct to the intellectual work on Gornahoor, I will be available the week of October 24, 2011 at South Beach, Miami, at a location to be determined. Anyone seriously interested should make an effort to attend, perhaps for an hour, a day, or longer. We will be able … Continue reading

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