The Eagle and the Vultures

Originally published in 1939, Massimo Scaligero never allowed La Razza di Roma (The Race of Rome) to be republished. The following selection from that book describes the spiritual basis for the founding of Rome. The following points highlight the gulf that separates the mentality and spirituality of the ancient Romans … Continue reading

John of the Cross and Rumi

From Persian Traditions in Spain by Michael McClain: Thus it is perfectly clear how near is St. John of the Cross in his mystical vocabulary (allowing for language differences, of course) and poetic style, i.e., imagery, metaphors, symbolism, even to some extent versification techniques, to the Persian Sufis.  One may … Continue reading

Scaligero Meets Evola

In this essay, Massimo Scaligero describes his first impressions on meeting Julius Evola. Although they went in different directions (Scaligero became an Anthroposophist), they remained good friends and collaborated for several years. Like Evola, Scaligero was interested in the Roman spirit in the context of spiritual races. Scaligero incisively notes … Continue reading

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