Spiritual Pilgrims: Carl Jung and Teresa of Avila

Father John Welch is a member of the Carmelite Order and a Jungian who has lectured and written extensively on the meaning and practice of St. Teresa d’Avila’s Interior Castle in tandem with Jungian psychology, especially where it concerns the process of Individuation.  Father Welch’s lectures and writings serve equally … Continue reading

On Hermetic Sublimation

In Valentin Tomberg’s discussion of “The Empress”, he quotes Josephin Peladan’s description of magic as “’the sublimation of man’… of human nature”. Thereafter, Tomberg offers a detailed discussion differentiating Sacred Magic, from “personal and arbitrary magic”, the latter which explains became more or less the earmark of Renaissance “ceremonial magic”, … Continue reading

Realization in the Pre-Socratics: Rene Guenon and Peter Kingsley, Some Observations

In the final chapter of Rene Guenon’s “Metaphysical Principles of Calculus” he concludes his exposition dedicating the chapter to the paradoxes of the Eleatic, Zeno, disciple of Parmenides. Guenon’s position is that Zeno’s paradoxes are not examples of an emerging scientific “rationalism” as the academic position mostly holds, but a … Continue reading

Some Aspects of the Traditional Medical World View: The Demiourgos-Physician

But the more righteous of you, who stand upon the threshold of the change to the diviner state, shall among men be righteous kings, genuine philosophers, founders of states, and lawgivers, and real seers, and true herb-knowers, and prophets of the gods most excellent, skillful musicians, skilled astronomers, and augurs … Continue reading

Some Observations Concerning Guenon, Initiation, and Spiritual Exercises

All that exists potentially is advanced to actuality by the agency of something which is actually what the other is potentially: the partially potential by that which is actual in the same partial respect, and the wholly potential by the wholly actual — Proclus, Metaphysical Elements, Proposition 77 Every so … Continue reading

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